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Combat Mobility System is a comprehensive study guide to efficient movement with firearms:

Increase shooting platform stability in a variety of tactical body positions;

Efficient tactical transitions from one position to the next;

Smooth ground engagement and disengagement;

Enhanced obstacle navigation while both hands are on the firearm;

Superior muzzle discipline maintenance with complete control of your line of fire.

The Combat Mobility System Digital Download Package is broken down into 16 individual video chapters. Each video chapter includes dozens of battle-tested tactics, instructional information segments and combat specific drills.

The skills learned in these chapters will:

  • maximize your shooting ability,
  • increase your combat effectiveness,
  • enhance your safety,
while greatly reducing injury potential from operating in a dynamic environment.

The foundational concepts and specific drills incorporated into the Combat Mobility System provides numerous ways for you train functional fitness and improve your movement ability way beyond what is achievable through general exercise. The heightened level of functional fitness and improved mobility attained through following the Combat Mobility System transfers directly to your overall FIREARM FIGHTING SKILLS.

Advanced shooters know the value of dry fire training and how it enhances your live fire skills, if trained correctly. But generally, dry fire training is fairly static or limited to a single position, which does not reflect the conditions outside of the flat range and in the real world.

Now, with Combat Mobility System you have a shooting-specific movement training methodology that will allow you to fine-tune your combat effectiveness by maximizing your movement potential behind the gun. and condition your body in a highly specific manner that directly correlates to the dynamic conditions present in actual gun fighting.

Combat Mobility System will help you to maximize both your dry fire practice and actual range time and acquire a more complete set of firearm handling skills.

Get your COMBAT MOBILITY SYSTEM skills downloaded today and start practicing!


About the Authors:

Rich Graham

Navy SEAL Veteran, Firearms Instructor, Founder of "Full Spectrum Warrior" Project.

Greg Mihovich

Movement Coach, Martial Arts and Firearms Instructor, Author,

Founder of "Combat Acrobatic Training" System and Underground Gym.


Combat Mobility System Digital Download Library consists of the following 16 Chapters:

1. General Introduction:

GI gives you a general overview of the skills, concepts and philosophy of Combat Mobility System. In detail, this introduction explains what combat mobility is and how it can benefit you.

2. Intro by Rich Graham:

Chapter 2 introduces Navy Seal veteran and co-founder of the Combat Mobility System Rich Graham. Then it follows with Graham’s perspective on the importance of body mechanics, as it relates to tactical movement, an explanation of how to progressively practice this system to achieve optimum results, and a safety briefing.

3. Intro by Greg Mihovich:

Chapter 3 takes a brief look into the Greg Mihovich training regime and his areas of expertise as a movement coach, and hand to hand combat specialist and firearms instructor. This introduction explores the history and evolution of the Combat Mobility System and addresses common questions pertaining to performing the Combat Mobility System’s type of movement in a full combat load out kit.

4. Ambidextrous Handling:

Ambidextrous handling emphasis the importance of versatility in a gunfight. Versatility between hands allows you to utilize the firearm to gain a better shooting angle, reduce your signature to a threat and increase your tactical advantage.

5. Muzzle Discipline:

Proper muzzle awareness lowers the risk of accidents, and allows us to move faster and safer among our family and friends in a non-shooting range environment more effectively.

6. Scanning:

Locate and identify threats, help, exits, etc. in a 360 degree field of view with your firearm in hand safely and effectively based on the threat level of the situation.

7. Adaptive Position:

Break away from that static range shooting stance which doesn't translate into real conflict reaction, while keeping your gun steady and body balanced to navigate what ever the situation throw at you.

8. Standing Techniques:

The most mobile and versatile short range position. This is also the only position that truly allows us to move while engaging with any type of speed, and is the most suitable for close proximity threats.

9. Panning:

The correct use of cover and dead space can increase our odds of success against the threat, while reducing our exposure to it.

10. Squat:

Quickly reduce your height or match it to your cover, with out committing your body to the ground for fast transition to another position or location.

11. Kneeling:

Stable shooting position for mid-height with limited commitment to the ground for quick transitions down or up as needed for gaining the tactical advantage in the situation.

12. Sitting:

Very universal low position which is also very advantageous for down hill sloping terrain.

13. Prone:

The most stable position for long distance engagements with an extremely low profile.

14. Supine:

When you need to be on the ground, but need maximum ability to look up at your target in close proximity threats.

15. Urban Prone:

Great hybrid of the prone and supine positions, allowing for a more stable shooting position over the supine, while allowing for greater mobility and field of view then the prone.

16. Free Flow and Final Conclusion:

Connecting the movements into a smooth chain sequence for an ever changing environment and situation.


About the Authors:

Rich Graham -- Navy SEAL Veteran, Firearms Instructor, Founder of "Full Spectrum Warrior" Project.

Greg Mihovich -- Movement Coach, Martial Arts Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Author, Founder of "Combat Acrobatic Training" System.


Get your Combat Mobility System skills downloaded today

and start practicing!

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You are getting "COMBAT MOBILITY SYSTEM" Video Training Series by Rich Graham and Greg Mihovich. 5 HOURS and 48 MINUTES TOTAL of downloadable video instruction, broken down into 16 INSTRUCTIONAL LESSONS, with total VALUE OF $389, yours for a limited time for ONLY $97. Combat Mobility System includes the following titles:

1. Combat Mobility System General Introduction, 5:06 min
Value: $4
2. Introduction by Rich Graham, 17:42 min
Value: $9
3. Introduction by Greg Mihovich, 6:46 min
Value: $9
4. Ambidextrous Firearm Handling, 21:50 min
Value: $29
5. Muzzle Discipline, 13:06 min
Value: $29
6. Scanning, 33:12
Value: $29
7. Adaptive Position, 12:50
Value: $29
8. Standing Techniques, 24:00 min
Value: $29
9. Panning, 30:42 min
Value: $29
10. Squat, 22:14 min
Value: $29
11. Kneeling, 20:50 min
Value: $29
12. Sitting, 20:07 min
Value: $29
13. Prone, 66:19 min
Value: $29
14. Supine, 26:08
Value: $29
15. Urban Prone, 14:28 min
Value: $29
16. Free Flow, 11:23 min and Final Thoughts, 11:23 min
Value: $19
Ability to move smothly and efficiently through your environment...
Value: priceless
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