Animal Conditioning Bodyweight Training System Digital Download

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The Next Level in Bodyweight Training

The Animal Conditioning (AC) movement-based exercise program is for people who are seeking to improve athleticism in such a way that it would enhance their fitness and neural efficiency simultaneously.

You will learn valuable skills of movement on the ground and proper ground engagement, while concurrently improving your functional fitness across a wide range of attributes, including strength,range of motion, coordination and conditioning.

AC movements will work your body from every angle possible, way beyond any conventional exercise could, while dramatically strengthening joints, tendons, ligaments, fascia and muscle.

AC system is great for dynamic warm ups, as a stand-alone conditioning practice or as an "insert" in between other functional training modalities, such as kettlebell and bodyweight training.

AC system is easy to implement in either personal or group training setting, indoors or outdoors.



Your animal conditioning DVD has been phenomenal for me and my clients. I also have your iron beast DVD you are a true pioneer. Thank you!

Coach Mark Smith, Asylum Fitness

Animal Conditioning from Greg Mihovich is absolutely mandatory for those going to SOF selection and courses like Ranger School. Turns out that the AC material's carry over to the specific demands of soldiers and fighters is very significant.

The ability to effortlessly go to the ground, move around there and return to squatting, kneeling, crouching and standing is a critical skill set for combat arms and SOF personnel. I've been saying this for a long time but it has now been officially tested and confirmed by someone else in uniform in actual conditions. You have been advised.

Nate Morrison, Special Forces US Army, founder of RIKR Training System

I love animal conditioning methods and Greg Mihovich is one of the best with this stuff. I enjoy his creative approach.

Michael Halbfish 

This is probably the BEST Bodyweight Conditioning system I have seen. Way to go bro! 

Dan Kanagie 

ANIMAL CONDITIONING workouts are AWESOME! Dynamic Strength, Stability, Endurance, Conditioning, Flexibility, you name it! Highly recommended!

Shawn Visintin

Greg's Animal Conditioning System is simply amazing! When I grow up I want to be like him!!!

Jack McInerney

Greg Mihovich's Animal Conditioning DVD is one of the best fitness instructional video's I've seen in years. It has Great production, an incredible amount of content and the variety of exercises he demonstrates is endless!
If you're looking for some new tools to add to your exercise programs I highly recommend that you purchase this DVD. I know for a fact the members of Primal Fit Miami are going to be ecstatic when I implement some of these new movements into our programming. Thanks Greg!

Matt Pack 

Greg, you are awesome. You are the new generation of God's of fitness culture. You truly know how to take the human body and help it to express itself in its highest form. As a lifelong fitness junkie myself, your instruction has allowed me to take my fitness and well-being to the next level.

Doing your joint mobility protocols every other day has worked wonders me. I do these moves before bed and they help me to feel very relaxed and sleep better. Two months ago I injured myself lifting my 15 year old lab into the car. Greg, your instruction has done more for me then physical therapy. Thanks to your joint mobility exercises and Animal Conditioning DVD, I know I will be back on top of my game very soon. Thank you!!!

Cristi Cullison

I just finished watching Animal Conditioning DVDs last night... Simply amazing work by my friend Greg Mihovich -- he is an excellent grappler, fighter and systema instructor. A must have for anyone serious about fitness, combat or sport fighting.

Paul Singer 

Your Animal Conditioning System DVD gave me lots of practical tools to train from the movement perspective, enjoyed it very much, highly recommended!

Fred Mansfield Jr

Greg, I received the Animal Conditioning DVD’s last night and watched all of them until 1:00 AM –not too smart since I had to get up at 4:30 for work. You cover a ton of different things in these DVD’s, I couldn’t believe how thorough that program is. Thank you so much, looking forward to using the exercises and methods outlined there!

Patrick Lawlor

Hello Greg, Just finished watching your outstanding Animal Conditioning DVDs. I can see why you are so highly respected. You have produced a DVD that one can follow and do the movements, wish I had this years ago when I was playing Hockey, this would have been my off ice workouts. One would be very fortunate to train under your Expertise.

Peter Dain

I love your work and the results I get from it -- I still watch Animal Conditioning DVD you sent me almost three years ago.

Michael Gonzales

Animal Conditioning DVDs is a fabulous system that blends well with any training modality or could serve as a stand alone program. Highly recommended!

Dragan Milojevic 

Any product from Greg Mihovich has to be top notch. 

Tom Furman

Animal Conditioning is a brilliant DVD ! Helps my mobility and strength hugely! 

David Djm 

Animal Conditioning is awesome. Loved the exercises and workouts!

Rich Johnson

I want this!

You will get:

2 DVDs, 1 hour of high quality instruction
Value $89
Comprehensive Training Manual, 32 pages, 48 workouts, step by step instructions
Value $99
Lower Body Chapter, 10 Movements, 28 variations
Value $139
Upper Body Chapter, 6 movements, 14 variations
Value $69
Core Chapter, 11 movements, 23 variations
Value $119
Total Body Chapter – 5 movements, 13 variations
Value $69
Ability to move with superb grace, power and agility
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Animal Conditioning Bodyweight Training System Digital Download

5 ratings
I want this!